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Any retirement facility that wishes to seek accreditation has to comply with the established standards, and is subject to inspection by an authorized PRA staff to determine if the retirement facility meets the minimum standards. After this, the facility will be evaluated and rated according to the value-added services it offers. The rating given to each facility aims to assist retirees in choosing the right retirement facility that best fits their needs and expectations. The Philippine Retirement Inc. and the different international chambers of commerce may endorse retirement facilities that pass the standards for PRA's final approval.

It should be clear that any facility or service provider that fails to meet the standards will not be accredited. However, it will be given the chance to conduct self-assessment and improvement for the upgrading of its facilities and services. Those that manage to secure accreditation will be constantly monitored. We suggest that retirees first check out the PRA certificate of accreditation of the retirement facilities that they are considering to buy or lease, for their own satisfaction. In addition, PRA suggests that facilities and service providers regularly conduct self-assessment to ensure that they conform with the world-class standards.

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